S. E. Asia: Indonesia

* On the road in Indonesia, , Larry Brainard, Jon Harrison, 15 Apr 2016
Infrastructure spending is booming but pro-market reforms are missing in action
* Indonesia: Greater uncertainty but still positive prospects, Giulio Lisi, Larry Brainard, 4 Aug 2015
The government’s infrastructure spending programme will boost growth later this year
* On the road in Jakarta: Look through political volatility to improving economic prospects, Giulio Lisi, Larry Brainard, 17 Apr 2015
* On the road in Jakarta: Is Jokowi already behind the eight ball?, Anwita Basu, Larry Brainard, 20 Oct 2014
* Indonesia election update: The race heats up thanks to costumes and posturing, Anwita Basu, Larry Brainard, 19 Jun 2014
* Indonesia’s presidential elections: A clash of personalities, Anwita Basu, Larry Brainard, 3 Jun 2014
Hope rises for stronger leadership as the election contest reduces to two antithetical individuals
* On the road in Indonesia: The ‘Jokowi factor’ dominates the outlook, Larry Brainard, 25 Mar 2014
* Indonesia in 2014: This time it’s different, Anwita Basu, Larry Brainard, 11 Feb 2014
Prudent policymaking will likely support a gradual recovery in sentiment towards Indonesian equities
* Indonesia: Bad policy will matter in 2013, Deepak Gopinath, 10 Jan 2013
The negative impact on investment and the current account to become more apparent
* Indonesia: Our top pick in Asia, Jon Harrison, 5 Apr 2017
Strong GDP growth, favourable reform outlook, gradually rising inflation and a stable currency all favour Indonesia