S. E. Asia

In stark contrast with China’s slowdown and OECD countries’ tepid recovery, growth rates for the so-called ASEAN 5 countries are expected to average 5.5% during 2015-19. As economic integration makes further progress the region will increasingly become a regional engine of growth, creating opportunities for investors.

Expertise is essential to assess investment opportunities of these fast-moving economies and to identify their underlying complex political dynamics. An additional source of risk stems from what made ASEAN economies so successful, their being among the most open in the world. In contrast to EM countries elsewhere countries in the region generally possess a lower level of foreign reserves, higher levels of foreign ownership of local currency bonds and a greater dependence on international trade.

In this promising but challenging environment, Trusted Sources monitors and publishes regularly on economic, political and external trends in Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand. Analysing such a broad spectrum of data allows Trusted Sources to deliver reports that comprehensively assess the investment risks and opportunities. Finally, the soundness of Trusted Sources long term investment calls is enhanced by its network of local sources that provide additional insights on the effects of reforms for investors.

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