Russia: Politics/governance

* Russia: Putin’s future: Politics and policy, Christopher Granville, Madina Khrustaleva, 3 Nov 2017
Fundamentally important in any case, the imminent election process is also unlikely to be a complete non-event for markets.
* Russia: US sanctions – a contrarian case, Christopher Granville, 28 Jul 2017
No rapid geopolitical bounce from this new low, but the next move should be up
* Russia: End of Putin revisited, Christopher Granville, 30 Jun 2017
The imminent election season will intensify this core political risk, but the market could still rally on the replacement of Medvedev
* Russia: Geopolitics less bearish than oil, 23 Jun 2017
‘Neutral’ geopolitical risk view reiterated despite appearances
* Russia: Navalny trashes Medvedev - What it means, Christopher Granville, 29 Mar 2017
A “palpable hit” – highlighting the Putin succession and privatization prospects
* Russia: Geopolitical driver – negative turn, Christopher Granville, 15 Mar 2017
Change of view on timing as Ukraine tips back into crisis
* Russia: Pay attention to Kudrin, Christopher Granville, 31 Jan 2017
Heavyweight policy planning will be a market driver in 2017
The world according to Trump: Russia vs Saudi Arabia The world according to Trump: Russia vs Saudi Arabia, Christopher Granville, Marcus Chenevix, 29 Nov 2016
The strongest new geopolitical market driver now comes from France
* Russia and global geopolitical risk: Passing the Syrian stress test, Christopher Granville, 24 Oct 2016
Mere delay to an EU decision to start lifting sanctions against Russia
* The end of Putin, Christopher Granville, 2 Sep 2016
It’s going to end better than Brezhnev or Nazarbaev, but this is still a serious medium-term risk story