Russia: Infrastructure/industry

* UPDATE: Russian auto sector: Investment case remains intact, Christopher Granville, Jan Cleave, 29 Jul 2013
Shrinking H1/13 market is a volatility hangover while the case for local-foreign auto JVs keeps strengthening
* Russia’s car market: An increasingly investible growth story, Christopher Granville, Jan Cleave, 13 Mar 2013
Well-positioned companies offering concentrated exposure include Sollers, Nokian, Pirelli, Severstal and SsangYong – with AvtoVAZ as the wild card
* UPDATE: Russia homebuilding growth: A more attractive investment theme than ever, Christopher Granville, Jan Cleave, 27 Nov 2012
Mortgage boom and steady supply-side gains can be played to suit a wide range of risk appetites
* Labour makes the case for Russian manufacturing, Christopher Granville, Jan Cleave, Irina Lebedeva, CFA, 25 Feb 2011
Superior productivity gains and falling unit labour costs support increased weightings to manufacturing sectors – especially domestically oriented
* Russian homebuilding: A top-performing sector over the next decade, Christopher Granville, Jan Cleave, 9 Feb 2011
This long-term growth story can be accessed first via developers, then construction materials producers
* Russian infrastructure: The PPP challenge, Christopher Granville, 18 Jul 2008
The Western High-Speed Diameter in St Petersburg has become a live test case
* Ports catching up, 18 Jan 2008
An infrastructure challenge Russia is likely to meet
* infrastructure spend, 12 Sep 2007
* Construction materials: a core story, 27 Jul 2007
The sector highlights the growing pains – and the pleasures – of Russia’s capital deepening
* Russian railways follow the Gazprom model, 10 May 2007
From Soviet behemoth to freight 'national champion' in expanding intercontinental transport corridors