Jonathan Fenby

Managing Director, China Research

Jonathan was a co-founder of Trusted Sources in 2006. He is a leading analyst on China with a strong following in the investment community. His specialist area is policy interpretation, politics and the broader political economy. He heads the four person China country team at Trusted Sources with offices in Beijing and London. Jonathan has a wealth of experience as a writer and commentator on Chinese political, economic and social affairs. He was formerly editor of The South China Morning Post, The Observer and Reuters World Service as well as a senior correspondent for The Economist. He is the author of eight books on China, most recently Will China Dominate the 21st Century for Polity. His History of Modern China for Penguin Press and Harper Collins was chosen as one of the books of the year for 2008 by The Economist and Financial Times. He broadcasts frequently on CNBC, BBC and Bloomberg, among other broadcast media, and lectures on contemporary China in the UK, US, Europe and East Asia.

+44 20 3137 7261