India: Reform Watch

* India Reform Watch: Government tries to keep reform momentum going despite parliamentary logjam, Shumita Sharma Deveshwar, 25 Aug 2015
Modi needs to walk his talk on the many reforms he can implement outside the parliament
* India Reform Monitor: Modi backs away from his land amendments, Amitabh Dubey, 6 Aug 2015
* India Reform Watch: Parliamentary agitation is impeding the passage of reform bills, Amitabh Dubey, 29 Jul 2015
* India Reform Watch: Modi must implement structural change to minimize corruption, Amitabh Dubey, 6 Jul 2015
* India Reform Watch: The path ahead for Modi’s reform bills, Amitabh Dubey, 27 Mar 2015
Significant progress so far, but more battles lie ahead
* India Reform Watch: Modi’s short-term fix for reform obstacles after winter washout, Amitabh Dubey, 27 Jan 2015
He is likely to prevail in the end, but selectively and on a long road
* India Reform Watch: Modi eases land acquisition rules, Amitabh Dubey, 13 Jan 2015
* India Reform Watch: What to look for in Modi’s legislative agenda, Amitabh Dubey, 11 Dec 2014
* India Reform Watch: Modi’s coal test is under way, Amitabh Dubey, 15 Oct 2014
* India Reform Watch: Modi sets out to prove his reformist credentials, Amitabh Dubey, 17 Jul 2014