India: Politics/governance

* India: Competition with China enters new phase, Amitabh Dubey, 3 Aug 2017
Even as their border standoff eases, relations between China and India are set to deteriorate
* India: Hindu hardliners on the ascendant, Shumita Sharma Deveshwar, 24 Mar 2017
Modi incorporates Hindu nationalism into his policy mix of populism and development
* India: The political consequences of Modi’s state election victory, Amitabh Dubey, 17 Mar 2017
Modi’s re-election prospects in 2019 are strong
India: On the road in Uttar Pradesh: Modi’s BJP set to win key election India: On the road in Uttar Pradesh: Modi’s BJP set to win key election, Shumita Sharma Deveshwar, 8 Mar 2017
Modi’s nationalist, pro-poor rhetoric appears to have worked in a high-stakes election
* India: On the road in Mumbai and New Delhi: Investor optimism is high, despite the looming risk of economic disruption, Shumita Sharma Deveshwar, Jon Harrison, 16 Feb 2017
The effects of demonetization and the expected GST rollout will filter through the economy in the longer term but will have a negative impact over the next 12 months, raising worries about the strength of the recovery
* India: On the road in Punjab ahead of crucial vote outcome, Amitabh Dubey, Shumita Sharma Deveshwar, 8 Feb 2017
Local issues dominate the polls amid demonetization pinch
* India: Modi’s nationalist-populist turn reinforces his electoral prospects, Shumita Sharma Deveshwar, Amitabh Dubey, 13 Jan 2017
Notwithstanding the economic damage caused by demonetization, Modi remains popular ahead of key state polls in February
* India: Why rolling out the GST by April 2017 is not guaranteed, Shumita Sharma Deveshwar, Amitabh Dubey, 24 Aug 2016
A political battle looms over the GST rate
* India: New RBI Governor's appointment signals continuity, but expect change, Shumita Sharma Deveshwar, Amitabh Dubey, 22 Aug 2016
Inflation hawk Urjit Patel’s role may be circumscribed by a new MPC and pressure to go easy on indebted companies
* India: Political compromise to pass GST bill nears, Amitabh Dubey, 21 Jul 2016
The government and the opposition are close to an agreement to pass this long-delayed bill