India: Macro policy

* India: Stake sales to test Modi’s political will, Shumita Sharma Deveshwar, 10 Aug 2017
The privatization programme’s revival is an encouraging sign that the government is willing to use political capital to pursue tough reforms.
* India: Smooth GST rollout masks important risks, Shumita Sharma Deveshwar, 27 Jul 2017
The historic tax reform gets off to a good start without any major disruptions to business, but uncertainty over rules and impact of new tax persists
* India: Politics hampers RBI’s battle for credibility, Shumita Sharma Deveshwar, 13 Jul 2017
The Reserve Bank of India’s nascent inflation targeting approach has come under fire amid surprisingly soft inflation figures
* India: Bad debt problem to test RBI’s resolve, Shumita Sharma Deveshwar, 29 Jun 2017
The Reserve Bank’s actions reveal a sense of urgency to get to grips with the issue, but a concrete plan for structural reforms is still lacking
* India: Strong economic growth to remain local, Shumita Sharma Deveshwar, 15 Jun 2017
Despite India’s rising share in world GDP, the impact of growth drivers will be mainly domestic
* India: Return of cash bodes ill for tax revenues, Amitabh Dubey, 1 Jun 2017
Growth in digital payments is gradually reverting to the mean
* India: GST rollout threatens supply disruptions, Shumita Sharma Deveshwar, Amitabh Dubey, 25 May 2017
Even as big corporates gear up for the key tax reform, concerns about lack of preparedness among smaller firms and the government abound
* India: Political decisions will disrupt reform, Amitabh Dubey, 18 May 2017
Modi has notched up some hits and some misses, but demonetization presages a shift towards politically-motivated unpredictability
* India: Headline GDP obscures unbalanced growth, Shumita Sharma Deveshwar, 4 May 2017
The economic recovery will likely be gradual, uneven and, overall, fragile
* Indian Reserve Bank seeks to regain its own voice, Shumita Sharma Deveshwar, 20 Apr 2017
The Governor’s focus on inflation and his criticism of the farm loan waiver are signs of the central bank trying to reassert autonomy