EMEA: Turkey

* Turkey: Rate hike will not end vicious cycle, Marcus Chenevix, 8 Dec 2017
The lira depreciation cycle will reoccur, but a 200bp hike would buy Turkey 12 months
* Turkey political risk 2018: Kurds, sanctions, schism and war, Marcus Chenevix, 4 Oct 2017
* Turkey: Good growth in 2017, Marcus Chenevix, 27 Jun 2017
Fiscal stimulus and tighter monetary policy are driving a more positive outlook for Turkish growth
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* Turkey: Central Bank turns ultra-dovish as economy slows dramatically, , Larry Brainard, 27 Sep 2016
Negative real policy rates and high inflation will be a dangerous combo
* Turkey: Post-coup upside case, Christopher Granville, 22 Jul 2016
The risk premium stemming from the failed coup shock could become attractive as Erdoğan pursues his power grab by more market-friendly means
* How vulnerable is Turkey’s economy amid Erdoğan’s power grab?, , Larry Brainard, 19 May 2016
Rising capital outflows are pushing international reserves to a record low
* Turkey: Erdogan’s monetary policy is bad news for the economy, , Larry Brainard, 8 Mar 2016
Shedding light on the new inflation outlook
* On the road in Turkey: We return with a negative outlook, , Jon Harrison, Larry Brainard, 16 Dec 2015
Monetary policy and politics constitute significant downside risks for the economy