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* Russia-Saudi oil axis: Last hurrah in H2/17, Christopher Granville, James Henderson, 27 Apr 2017
* Turkey: Erdogan’s Pyrrhic victory, Marcus Chenevix, 19 Apr 2017
* On the road in Turkey: Referendum comes down to the wire, Marcus Chenevix, 5 Apr 2017
* Saudi Arabia: Issuing debt from a fiscal black hole, Marcus Chenevix, 22 Feb 2017
* Kuwaiti bonds: Wait for the dips, Marcus Chenevix, 19 Jan 2017

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Saudi bonds: Short-term underperformance, long-term de-rating


This is the first of our regular reports on the Middle East. Future publications will analyse the fiscal and demographic pressures that are driving far-reaching structural reform across the GCC, and finally opening up the economies and markets of the region.

The event that has most alerted investors to the changed state of play is Saudi Arabia’s record breaking sovereign debt placement. Now that the dust has settled, it is a good time to reconsider the Kingdom’s credit...

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