The interplay of intensifying political risks and external shocks is the common thread running through Trusted Sources' coverage of the three major markets in EMEA: Russia, Turkey and South Africa. Political risk in these countries stems at root from the over-long incumbency of leaders (Presidents Putin and Erdogan) and broader ruling establishments (the ANC) with adverse effects on macroeconomic policy making, institutional development and overall economic performance. The political theme also has market-moving geopolitical dimensions, from the Ukraine crisis to the civil war in Syria - with its broader impacts on the Middle East, where Trusted Sources has now initiated occasional coverage of Iran and Saudi Arabia. We aim to expand this coverage in due course - in the case of Iran, in line with the progress made towards the country's capital market becoming more accessible to cross-border investment flows as sanctions are lifted.

Our EMEA coverage is fuelled by insights from our network of sources and partners with deep experience of the countries' political economy. These inputs are synthesized in our published research reports by our Chief Economist Larry Brainard and, as regards the whole of our Russia - and wider FSU - service which has always been a core Trusted Sources product, by Christopher Granville who also coordinates broader political analysis on the region.

* Turkey political risk 2018: Kurds, sanctions, schism and war, Marcus Chenevix, 4 Oct 2017
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Fiscal stimulus and tighter monetary policy are driving a more positive outlook for Turkish growth