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EM Watch



  • Global: EMs post FOMC: Stronger for longer
  • China: Financial vulnerability reduced as global net liabilities fall
  • Brazil: Retail sales surprise on the upside, or maybe not
  • India: Farm loan waivers pose fiscal and inflationary risks
  • Russia: US Senate’s sanctions Bill: More bark than bite
  • Philippines: Easing inflation pressure puts off rate hike to 2018
  • Turkey: Growth is picking up mainly because of TRY depreciation

EM Watch is grounded in recent and upcoming events; it begins with a one-page summary of our economic, political and market insights. Our strategists’ analysis of a global theme and our country teams' views of the implications of key fundamental developments follow. Each week we include a market strategy analysis on a single-country or cross-country theme. Finally, we summarize the must read notes from our recent research; our relative asset allocation and absolute (total return) views and our monthly macro and markets summary.

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