Emerging Markets

EM Watch

This weekly note is published on Mondays and focuses on Economics, Politics and Markets. It is led by Jon Harrison.

The EM Watch is grounded in recent and upcoming economic, political and market developments. It has an accessible one-page content summary of our weekly insights, an analysis from our strategists on a global theme, our country teams’ view of the implications of key fundamental developments, a market strategy analysis relevant to our asset allocation or high conviction views, and a summary of the must read notes from our recent research.

EM Strategy Monthly

This monthly EM Macro Strategy report is led by Larry Brainard.

The Strategy Monthly is a thematic portfolio strategy essay. It contains our asset allocation views for each asset class; our high-conviction total return views, a heatmap presentations of our FX and fixed income market views, as well as an accessible one-page summary for each of the 10 EM countries we cover.


This monthly cross-country fundamental analysis is edited by Larry Brainard..

This is a fundamental guide to emerging markets. It highlights the short- and long-term growth drivers and economic outlook for each EM economy.

We also publish ad-hoc reports on top-down EM themes and cross-country comparative analyses, including our proprietary Structural Change Index: A framework to understand our insights into the long-term drivers of sustainable growth, aiming to provide a diversified input into the investment process; updated annually.

* EM Watch, Larry Brainard, Bo Zhuang, Jonathan Fenby, Shumita Sharma Deveshwar, Christopher Granville, Marcus Chenevix, Cristobal Arias, Leighton Hughes, 18 Dec 2017
Not-the-real outlook for 2018
EM Weekly
* The GRID, Bo Zhuang, Christopher Granville, Cristobal Arias, Elizabeth Johnson, Grace Fan, Jon Harrison, Jonathan Fenby, Larry Brainard, Leighton Hughes, Madina Khrustaleva, Marcus Chenevix, Michelle Lam, Shumita Sharma Deveshwar, 12 Dec 2017
The fundamental guide to emerging markets
* EM Watch, Jon Harrison, Michelle Lam, Elizabeth Johnson, Shumita Sharma Deveshwar, Christopher Granville, Madina Khrustaleva, Cristobal Arias, 11 Dec 2017
Rising optimism; China: Chic consumers; Brazil: Pension race; India: Gujarat poll
EM Weekly
* EM Watch, Jon Harrison, Michelle Lam, Shumita Sharma Deveshwar, Christopher Granville, Madina Khrustaleva, Cristobal Arias, 4 Dec 2017
Rising market cap; China: Profit cycle; India: Growth recovery; Russia: Weak RUB
EM Weekly
* EM Strategy Monthly, Larry Brainard, Jon Harrison, Cristobal Arias, Marcus Chenevix, Leighton Hughes, 1 Dec 2017
The 2018 EM outlook: Sustained strong growth amid rising inflation
Strategy Monthly