Brazil: Politics/governance

* Brazil: Temer’s political woes will drag through August, Grace Fan, Elizabeth Johnson, 20 Jul 2017
While ebbing inflation and interest rates have kept the market calm for now, the prolonged political crisis will stall the economic recovery
* Brazil: Temer fights to stay in power, while Maia gains traction, Elizabeth Johnson, 13 Jul 2017
Despite the favourable vote in the Constitution and Justice Committee this week, each such victory costs Temer more political capital
* Brazil: More turbulence for Temer, Grace Fan, Elizabeth Johnson, 6 Jul 2017
The indictment process against the President looks increasingly likely to extend through Q3/17, hobbling Temer’s fiscal reform agenda
* Brazil: Temer’s tussle for political survival, Elizabeth Johnson, Grace Fan, 29 Jun 2017
The Attorney-General’s first criminal charge against Temer may not be enough to force him from office, but additional charges are likely
* Brazil: Cold winds blow on Temer, Elizabeth Johnson, Grace Fan, 22 Jun 2017
The stinging rejection of the labour reform bill by the second of three Senate committees is a sign of more legislative turmoil ahead
* Brazil: Waiting for Janot, Grace Fan, Elizabeth Johnson, 15 Jun 2017
Ahead of his expected indictment by Attorney-General Janot, President Temer is using Dilma’s playbook to shore up his unstable base
* Brazil: Electoral court hints at 4-3 vote in favour of Temer, Grace Fan, Elizabeth Johnson, 8 Jun 2017
* Brazil: Electoral ‘trial of the century’ on track for quick ruling, Grace Fan, Elizabeth Johnson, 7 Jun 2017
Temer’s fate is likely to hinge on whether explosive testimony from recent plea bargains is thrown out of the TSE cases or maintained
* Brazil teeters on a political cliff edge, Larry Brainard, 2 Jun 2017
* Brazil: Temer still on thin ice, Elizabeth Johnson, Grace Fan, 1 Jun 2017
Although the administration has benefitted from a lack of negative news in recent days, Temer faces rising popular opposition