Brazil: Politics/governance

* Brazil: Temer shifts back to survival mode, Grace Fan, Elizabeth Johnson, 20 Sep 2017
Barring a judicial surprise, new corruption charges filed against Temer will once again dominate legislative debate, stalling key reforms
* Brazil: The return of consumer-led growth?, Grace Fan, Elizabeth Johnson, 13 Sep 2017
If the bad news is that investment continues to plunge, the good news is that consumer spending will help the economy in Q4/17 and 2018
* Brazil: Respite for Temer, with JBS plea bargain under threat, Elizabeth Johnson, Grace Fan, 5 Sep 2017
With the JBS plea bargain now in jeopardy, Temer received some unexpected relief ahead of a likely second indictment charge
* Brazil: The Lula factor in the 2018 election, Elizabeth Johnson, Grace Fan, 31 Aug 2017
While former President Lula might be ineligible to run in the 2018 presidential election, his role will still be vital to the race
* Brazil: The tough road ahead for electricity reform, Elizabeth Johnson, Grace Fan, 24 Aug 2017
The market euphoria following the announcement of the plan to privatize Eletrobras ignores the political challenges ahead
* Brazil: Closer to the fiscal precipice, Grace Fan, Elizabeth Johnson, 17 Aug 2017
Even as the politically fragile Temer government has loosened fiscal targets, an unruly Congress remains a growing problem
* Brazil: Is pension reform still possible?, Elizabeth Johnson, Grace Fan, 10 Aug 2017
Temer is touting a final push to approve pension reform, but his fractured allied base continues to threaten rebellion
* Brazil: The cost of Temer’s victory, Grace Fan, Elizabeth Johnson, 3 Aug 2017
Although markets rose ahead of the President’s Lower House triumph, his survival comes with a growing price tag
* Brazil: Can the market really decouple from the political crisis?, Grace Fan, 28 Jul 2017
Key indicators to monitor for tracking the odds of rising market jitters
* Brazil: Temer’s political woes will drag through August, Grace Fan, Elizabeth Johnson, 20 Jul 2017
While ebbing inflation and interest rates have kept the market calm for now, the prolonged political crisis will stall the economic recovery