Brazil: Macro policy

* Brazil: Key indicators to watch in 2018, Elizabeth Johnson, Grace Fan, 14 Dec 2017
The government’s failure to push ahead with pension reform leaves the country facing a series of difficult decisions next year
* Brazil: Final push for fiscal savings, Grace Fan, Elizabeth Johnson, 1 Nov 2017
With just six weeks of real legislative work remaining this year, the Temer administration is making one last push for more fiscal austerity
* Brazil: The return of consumer-led growth?, Grace Fan, Elizabeth Johnson, 13 Sep 2017
If the bad news is that investment continues to plunge, the good news is that consumer spending will help the economy in Q4/17 and 2018
* Brazil: Closer to the fiscal precipice, Grace Fan, Elizabeth Johnson, 17 Aug 2017
Even as the politically fragile Temer government has loosened fiscal targets, an unruly Congress remains a growing problem
* Brazil: Can the market really decouple from the political crisis?, Grace Fan, 28 Jul 2017
Key indicators to monitor for tracking the odds of rising market jitters
* Brazil: Pension reform 2.0, Grace Fan, Elizabeth Johnson, 21 Apr 2017
Amid rising tensions in Brasilia, a Lower House special committee has presented its watered-down version of pension reform
* Brazil: Temer digs an even deeper fiscal hole, Grace Fan, Elizabeth Johnson, 13 Apr 2017
Dwindling legislative support could force the Temer administration to push up spending even further
* Brazil: Clouds over pension reform despite electoral court respite, Grace Fan, Elizabeth Johnson, 7 Apr 2017
With less than one-third of the necessary votes to pass pension reform, the government is scrambling to reconfigure its proposal
* Brazil: Budget freeze highlights fiscal woes; ‘Lava Jato’ suffers setback, Elizabeth Johnson, Grace Fan, 20 Jan 2017
* Brazil: 2017 is shaping up as year of more political upheaval and no growth, Larry Brainard, 15 Dec 2016
Temer’s economic strategy is beginning to unravel amid rising political volatility