Brazil: Infrastructure

* Brazil: Foreign investors buoy energy auctions, Elizabeth Johnson, Grace Fan, 28 Sep 2017
Strong interest in this week’s auctions indicates that long-term global investors remain bullish on Brazil’s energy sector
* Brazil: The tough road ahead for electricity reform, Elizabeth Johnson, Grace Fan, 24 Aug 2017
The market euphoria following the announcement of the plan to privatize Eletrobras ignores the political challenges ahead
* Brazil: Closer to the fiscal precipice, Grace Fan, Elizabeth Johnson, 17 Aug 2017
Even as the politically fragile Temer government has loosened fiscal targets, an unruly Congress remains a growing problem
* Brazil: Growing signs of friction in Temer’s allied base, Grace Fan, Elizabeth Johnson, 28 Apr 2017
Despite the welcome Lower House passage of labour reform, the government’s base is fraying when it comes to unpopular fiscal reforms
* Brazil: Infrastructure agenda gains traction, Grace Fan, Elizabeth Johnson, 23 Feb 2017
This year’s auctions will have little impact on economic growth in 2017, but could boost positive investor sentiment
* Brazil: Will China’s buying spree continue?, Elizabeth Johnson, Grace Fan, 21 Oct 2016
M&A activity is showing new signs of life
* Brazil: Temer announces revamped infrastructure concession scheme, Elizabeth Johnson, 15 Sep 2016
Despite some positive changes, the plan is vague and will have little near-term impact on growth
* Brazil: Infrastructure auctions remain on hold, Elizabeth Johnson, Grace Fan, 30 Jun 2016
The interim Temer administration's best shot at accelerating investment is by renewing existing concessions
* Brazil: Transmission line auction highlights infrastructure challenges ahead, Elizabeth Johnson, 24 Nov 2015
After two poorly attended auctions, the upcoming hydroelectric plant tender will be an important test
* Brazil: Dilma’s infrastructure auction programme inches forward, Grace Fan, Elizabeth Johnson, 13 Nov 2015
Overall investment will continue to fall in 2016