Brazil: Energy

* Brazil: Energy overhaul plans are unveiled, Elizabeth Johnson, Grace Fan, 16 Nov 2017
The Temer government has finally presented long-awaited bills aimed at revamping the electricity and biofuels sectors
* Brazil: Final push for fiscal savings, Grace Fan, Elizabeth Johnson, 1 Nov 2017
With just six weeks of real legislative work remaining this year, the Temer administration is making one last push for more fiscal austerity
* Brazil: Foreign investors buoy energy auctions, Elizabeth Johnson, Grace Fan, 28 Sep 2017
Strong interest in this week’s auctions indicates that long-term global investors remain bullish on Brazil’s energy sector
* Brazil: The tough road ahead for electricity reform, Elizabeth Johnson, Grace Fan, 24 Aug 2017
The market euphoria following the announcement of the plan to privatize Eletrobras ignores the political challenges ahead
* Brazil: Closer to the fiscal precipice, Grace Fan, Elizabeth Johnson, 17 Aug 2017
Even as the politically fragile Temer government has loosened fiscal targets, an unruly Congress remains a growing problem
* Brazil: Temer’s political woes will drag through August, Grace Fan, Elizabeth Johnson, 20 Jul 2017
While ebbing inflation and interest rates have kept the market calm for now, the prolonged political crisis will stall the economic recovery
* Brazil: Will China’s buying spree continue?, Elizabeth Johnson, Grace Fan, 21 Oct 2016
M&A activity is showing new signs of life
* Brazil: Revamping the troubled electricity sector, Elizabeth Johnson, Grace Fan, 29 Jul 2016
Excess capacity stemming from lower consumption gives the government a window for reform
* Brazil Monitor: ‘Lava Jato’ expands to the electricity sector, further exacerbating risk, Elizabeth Johnson, 31 Jul 2015
* Brazil: Rationing risk diminishes, but high electricity prices are here to stay, Elizabeth Johnson, 10 Jun 2015
Electric utilities remain under the gun due to regulatory uncertainty and likely expansion of 'Lava Jato' investigations to the sector