Brazil: Consumer

* Brazil: The return of consumer-led growth?, Grace Fan, Elizabeth Johnson, 13 Sep 2017
If the bad news is that investment continues to plunge, the good news is that consumer spending will help the economy in Q4/17 and 2018
* Brazil: Consumer recovery still on hold, Elizabeth Johnson, Grace Fan, 16 Feb 2017
The government’s move to give consumers access to severance pay funds is a feel-good measure that will not significantly move the dial
* Brazil: Shooting for gold, Grace Fan, 25 Aug 2016
Consumer confidence picks up as the Senate begins its final impeachment deliberations
* Brazil Monitor: No new dawn for consumer credit, 8 Jan 2014
* Brazil: Second wind for the consumer credit sector?, Grace Fan, 27 Sep 2013
Consumer loan delinquencies are at two-year lows, but inflation and higher rates threaten
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* Update: Inflation fears spur more tax cuts for Brazilian industry, Grace Fan, 15 Mar 2013
* Brazil Weekly: Limited signs of relief for debt-ridden consumers, 16 Jan 2013
* UPDATE: Brazil consumer credit, Grace Fan, 1 Nov 2012
Despite some positive developments, don’t expect miracles
* Brazil: Homebuilders lick their wounds and refocus, Grace Fan, 4 Oct 2012
Consumer demand will stay robust in 2013, but steep home prices are changing the nature of the game