Trusted Sources provides prescient and in-depth analysis of Latin America's largest economy via independent, in-country research that is unique in combining political, economic, social and external factors to provide a comprehensive picture that goes far beyond short-term data.

We offer investors an insightful road map to understanding current developments and their investment implications. Previous calls in which we were well ahead of the market include our accurate forecast of Brazil's worst recession in decades, the fiscal difficulties ahead of the government despite the appointment of ultra-orthodox Finance Minister Joaquim Levy, and the sweeping political and economic ramifications of Brazil's largest-ever corruption scandal under Operation Lava Jato ("Car Wash").

Core research themes we cover include infrastructure, energy, agriculture, the consumer-driven economy and the country's relationship with China, which we examine through the framework of short and long-term growth drivers, alongside public policies that will sustain or impede sector developments. We shed light on the opaque relationship between the government and its state-owned oil behemoth Petrobras through in-depth analysis of oil & gas regulation as well as political and economic policies that shape the company's investment imperatives. We also have expertise in specific segments ranging from oilseeds/grains, renewable energy and water to homebuilding, and have been commissioned to do bespoke research projects on the country's financial services sector, pension funds and agricultural exports among other sectors.

Not least important, the Brazil research team closely monitors the ongoing outlook for reform as part of Trusted Sources' global research theme. Without broad political and economic reform, Brazil will remain stuck in a low-growth, high-inflation trap. With the implementation of the right reforms, however, this country of over 200 million people, with favourable demographics and rich resources, would see its vast investment potential unlocked and a welcome return to a sustainable and higher-growth cycle.

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